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Factory worker packaging wafer paper sheets

Primus wafer paper

A 100 year
old legacy

Over 100 years Primus is producing wafer paper.


Ever since Primus was established back in 1916, we have produced wafer paper based on Dutch potatoes.


Factory workers processing wafer paper in to sheets


Primus was founded in 1916 on the banks of the river Zaan in the original “Food Valley” of the Netherlands.


Factory worker cutting wafer paper

Merger with De Vrede

In 1935, there was a merger between Primus Ouwel and De Vrede to strengthen their market position.


Wafer paper roll dryer


Primus overtook its Dutch rival Zaano Ouwelfabrieken in 1997.


Factory worker sawing wafer paper sheets

PRIMUS turns
100 YEARS old!

How unique is it that, after 100 years of wafer production, we are still succesfull with our classical product. And even more special, is that its value proposition is so much in line with the requirements of the market? We celebrated 100 years Primus by looking ahead instead of looking back. Primus goes Prime, the next generation wafer paper!  


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Primus goes Prime, next generation wafer paper

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